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Kit Deslauriers is a professional ski athlete who became the first human in the world to climb the world's 7 peaks and descend on skis. Undoubtedly, she is the 'queen' figure in the world of ski mountaineering.

The Queen of Ski Mountaineering: Kit Deslauriers

Saying the name Kit Deslauriers is definitely synonymous with professional mountaineering skiing done by a woman. Furthermore, the reason why I put the name Kit Deslauriers on the main list of this Dewi Gunung book is because of the passion and achievements that he carved as the first person in the world to climb the seven highest peaks on seven continents or seven summits, then descend from each of those peaks. use skis.

Skiing while climbing a mountain isn’t new in the realm of mountaineering. Norwegians who are synonymous with skilled skiers have been doing this for a long time. Even the big names of Polish mountaineers also often do this in their actions. Names like Jerzy Kukuczka skiing down from the top of Shishapangma have long attracted worldwide attention.

Even the most recent and monumental was Andrzej Bargiel, the Dare Devil from Poland who descended from Mount K2 using skis on July 22, 2018. For men's mountaineering skiers, Bargiel admittedly or not, is probably the best at the moment. He is the only human on this earth who has successfully descended from the world's most difficult mountain using two ski blades.

If Andrzej Bargiel is the king of ski mountaineering for the men's category, then it's no exaggeration to say that Kit Deslauriers is the queen or top leader of ski mountaineering for the women's category. In 2006 when she managed to reach the top of Everest and then descended from Mount Chomolungma using skis, she was the first person in the world, both male and female, to successfully perform this actions.

Kit Deslauriers Profile

Kit Deslauriers was born in 1969 in Albany, New York, United States. Kit spent his childhood in several places in America such as Westport, Long Island and also Massachusetts, even before he went to school, his family also moved to Arizona.

Kit's last education was at the University of Arizona, where she also earned a degree in environmental political science. During college, Kit participated in trail running and rock climbing activities.

In addition, with a good face and posture, Kit also has another profession as a model. And with this profession, Kit then had the opportunity to visit Europe where in addition to waddling on the catwalk, Kit also used this opportunity to improve his skiing skills.

In 2005 Kit met with Richard Bass, the first person in the world to climb the seven highest mountain peaks in the world which became popularly known as The Seven Summits.

During the meeting, Bass gave Kit a book that told his experience of climbing the seven highest peaks in the world located on seven different continents. And it seems that the book that Bass gave affected Kit quite deeply, so not long after that he decided to make the seven summits his target as well.

Ride Skis From the Seven Summits

Source: Paddy Pallin

However, unlike Richard Bass or other mountain climbers, Kit's determination to follow Bass's footsteps is not only to reach the seven peaks of the mountain. But furthermore, Kit also wants to ride his skis after descending from the seven peaks.

Kit Deslauriers' determination was immediately followed by her achievement as the first American woman to reach the top of Denali and descend from the highest point of the North American continent on a ski in 2004.

Then in 2005, Kit made his debut at the seven summits getting more and more attention. That year he made it to the top of Elbrus in Europe, Kosciuszko in Australia, Vinson Massif in Antarctica, and also Aconcagua in South America. Kit's four mountain peaks, which are also included in Richard Bass's list of seven summits, were perfectly achieved by Kit, and he also managed to descend with his prided skis.

In 2006 Kit's seven summit mountaineering ski circuit increased by successfully descending from the peak of Kilimanjaro using skis. And then finally, as the final chapter of his mission, on October 18, 2006, at exactly 11 am, Deslauriers slid from the summit of Everest in the Himalayas together with Jimmy Chin and Rob Deslauriers who is also her husband.

Other Records

Rob Deslauriers, Kit's own husband is actually a property entrepreneur and producer of documentaries about extreme skiing and mountaineering. Kit and Rob first met on one of their ski trips to Mount Belukha in Siberia. Since then the two grew closer before finally deciding to get married a year later.

In addition to being the first woman to ski from the 7 peaks of Dick Bass' 7 summit circuit, Kit Deslauriers also holds many other records in mountaineering skiing. For example, she was the first woman to climb and then descend by ski on Mount Aspirin, New Zealand. Kit is also the third woman in the world to climb then ski down in Grand Teton, Wyoming.

And her pinnacle achievement that made her name even more flying and widely popular was that Kit Deslauriers was the first woman in the world to descend from the summit of Everest on skis.

In addition to being proficient in ski riding, Kit Deslauriers is also a paramedic and a certified helicopter SAR team member. He is a member of the Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Telluride Professional Ski Patroller, Rescue 3 International, Rope Rescue Intsructor, Helicopter Rescue Technician, and a volunteer member for Search and Rescue Team.

Deslauriers Kit Achievements and Legacy

Source: Pinterest

  • The first woman in the world to climb the seven continents (Richard Bass' version of the seven summits) and descend on skis.
  • The world's first woman to descend from the summit of Everest on skis.
  • The first woman to descend from the Vinson Massif on skis.
  • First person to ski down from the summit of Mount Isto in the Brooks Range.
  • First woman to ski solo from the top of Grand Teton and Garnett Peak in Wyoming.
  • First woman to ski down from the summit of Mount Aspiring in New Zealand.


  • Chosen as National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, 2015.
  • US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, 2019.
  • Twice in a row won the Freeskiing World Tour Women's Champion.


  • Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summit which was published in 2015.


::: This article was translated from a book entitled Dewi Gunung which was written by Anton Sujarwo using google translate :::