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Not all the mysteries of the Himalayas can be solved even though the various peaks have been successfully achieved. Some of the mysteries still exist and survive until now. From the existence of the Yeti to the lake of bones, the Himalayas are indeed a place full of scary mysteries.

The awesomeness of the Himalayas and the various mysteries in it have fused into a legend that is closely attached to the Himalayan community. Until now, there are still people who claim to often meet ghosts from the Himalayas. Even in a village called Bemni at an altitude of 2,743 meters, it is said that there is one Himalayan resident who lives with ghosts.

Very scary, right?

So, what are the mysteries in the Himalayas that are the most famous and attract the most attention? The following Arcopodo Journal has summarized it for all of you.

7 Most Famous Mysteries of the Himalayan Mountains

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Behind the beauty of the Himalayas covered in snow and ice with their towering heights as if tearing the sky, the Himalayas are also full of scary mysteries. Arcopodo Journal has sorted out 7 mysteries in the Himalayas that are the most famous until now for you to know.

What are those?

Here's the list.

Yeti's Presence

Source: Tpedia

Well, the first and most popular mystery of the Himalayas is about the existence of the Yeti.

Yeti itself is a snowman who lives in the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. Yeti is described as a large, scary primate, his body is full of white fur, has long fangs and is also very strong.

Yeti figure basically has a picture that is not so much different from the Bigfoot mystery in the Americas. Or in Indonesia, you will find a similar description with the legend of Urang Pendek from the Bukit Barisan forest in Jambi province. It's just that in terms of size, Urang Pendek mythology is of course smaller than Bigfoot or Yeti.

The existence of the Yeti has never been revealed until now and continues to be a mystery of the mighty mountains of the Himalayas.

Although an expert named Daniel Taylor had suspected that the Yeti fossils and traces actually belonged to the black tree bear in the Baruntse valley, but until now many people still believe that the Yeti and its awesomeness do exist in the Himalayas.

Anti-Freeze Gurudongmar Lake

Source: Unsplash

The second mystery of the Himalayas is Lake Gurudongmar which is located in the Kangchenjunga mountain valley which is the third highest mountain in the world after Everest and K2.

Gurudongmar Lake is a lake that is a source of water for small rivers in the vicinity. This lake has a height of 17,800 feet above sea level and is included as one of the highest lakes in the world.

Well, do you know what the mystery of Lake Gurudongmar is?

The mystery even today of this Gurudongmar Lake in the Kangchenjunga Mountain Himalayas is that it will never freeze completely in the coldest season.

Although all the other lakes in the region were frozen into ice, the Gurudongmar lake never completely froze. There is always a part of this lake that continues to melt as in normal conditions.

The myth that develops in Gurudongmar Lake is that there is a holy man who blesses this lake with his supernatural powers. And his supernatural powers are what makes this lake never completely frozen until now.

Siddhashram Supernatural Palace

Source: Unsplash

Do you still remember how beautiful the palace of the fairies in The Lord of the Ring movie was? Or a super beautiful island that is not detected by radar in the movie Mysterious Island?

Well, it turns out that the Himalayas are located on the Asian continent by occupying several of these countries also have the same story. And interestingly, this is not a fictional story because, a lot of people believe it. Siddhashram or Gyanganj is a super beautiful place that is believed to be in the Himalayas which is the most difficult for humans to reach.

Only holy people can reach and find Siddhashram on their spiritual journey.

This place is described as a beautiful place with a beauty like heaven. In order to reach Siddhasharm, these chosen and holy people have to fly above it and enter another dimension which the human eye would not be able to see.

This may sound far-fetched, but don't get me wrong, because it turns out that there are many Sikhs and holy people in Nepalese and Tibetan beliefs who disappeared and are believed to have lived in Siddhasharm.

Roopkund Skull Lake

Source: Pinterest

Situated at an altitude of 16,500 feet, Roopkund Lake is a very enchanting lake. The beauty of the Himalayas in the panorama of frozen lakes in winter will make you escape from observing that this place is actually very scary.

If winter is over and the lake water melts again, or when the snow and ice that covers the lake have disappeared, then you will find a terrible situation. In this lake there are a lot of human skeletons, pieces of meat, jewelry, hair, leather clothes and so on.

Based on research conducted, it is known that at least 200 humans were killed in this place in 850 BC. Well, the thing that then remains a mystery and unsolved is who were the people who were killed?

Larger skeletons and bones are known to have a similar relationship from DNA testing.

While the smaller skeleton is completely unknown where it came from and why it could be in the Roopkund lake. These two facts make the mystery and awesomeness of the Roopkund lake is maintained to this day.

Mount Kailash

Source: Unsplash

Mount Kailash has been home to many of the highest mysteries in the Himalayas.

This mountain is the holiest place in the beliefs of the Tibetans, Hindus and Jains. On top of this mountain, it is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. While the Jain belief says that Kailash is the pillar of the sky which is the path of their highest god to reach nirvana.

The unique and mysterious thing about Mount Kailash is its always moving position. Before climbing to its peak was generally banned, Mount Kailash had been visited by several expeditions of mountaineers who wanted to reach its peak. Well, do you know what happened to the climbers?

The climbers who tried to climb Mount Kailash said that the position of the mountain was always changing. Even as they reached the ridge of the mountain, they also lost their way to reach the peak.

Until now the actual peak of Mount Kailash has never been known and the detailed height has also never been measured in detail.

Paro Taktsang Tiger's Nest

Source: Unsplash

Mystery in the Himalayas is not only found on the map of the Himalayas with their peaks white and covered in ice or snow. But on the lower cliffs, many mysteries and strange things happen. Well, one of the mysterious things that is still confusing is a place called Paro Taktsang Tiger Nest.

According to a legend circulating in the community in the Himalayas, Paro Taktsang Tiger's Nest came from the hermitage of Guru Padmasambhava who built the place in the year 1692 AD. At that time, the Guru meditated on the wall by flying and there he then imprisoned on the back of a tiger.

To reach the walls of Paro Taktsang Tiger Nest in modern times is also considered as something difficult. And the mystery of how Guru Padmasambhava built this place is still a question mark today.

Mount Gangkhar Puensum

Source: Amusing Planet

The last mystery of the Himalayas summarized by the Arcopodo Journal is Gangkhar Puensum. Gangkhar Puensum itself is the highest mountain in the world that has never been climbed. Until now, the exact height of Mount Gangkhar Puensum is not known at all.

The first few expeditions trying to climb Mount Gangkhar Puensum never found this mountain. Even the actual location of Gangkhar Puensum which is claimed to be in the Himalayas bordering the countries of Tibet and Nepal is still in dispute. These various factors then further emphasize the mysteriousness of Mount Gangkhar Puensum.

This mountain was actually tried to climb in 1922 but measurements were never made. Until now no other measurements have been made because climbing to the top of this mountain has also been prohibited out of respect for the beliefs of the people in the Himalayas.

Source: Unsplash

Well, those are the 7 mysteries of the most famous Himalayan mountains to date.

From the Yeti, Mount Kailash, the Himalayan crater which is home to Skeleton Lake and Anti-Freeze Lake, to the Tiger's den on the cliffs, all have added to the long list of legends and mysteries about the Himalayas.

This article is translated from an Indonesian article here